Mantra bars

Mantra Chocolate Bars

Mantra bars are mushroom chocolate bars with a difference. Our mantra mushroom bars focus on the medicinal and spiritual aspects of mushrooms than just the trip.


Mantra chocolate bars are a brand of artisanal chocolate bars that are known for their unique flavor combinations and high-quality ingredients. These mantra bars are made with organic, fair-trade cacao and are sweetened with organic coconut sugar, making them a healthier alternative to traditional mushroom chocolate bars.

One of the things that sets Mantra chocolate bars mushroom apart from other brands like the polkadot chocolate and wonder bar, is their focus on using superfoods and adaptogens in their recipes. These ingredients are believed to have health benefits, such as boosting immunity, reducing stress, and improving cognitive function. Some of the superfoods and adaptogens that can be found in Mantra mushroom chocolate bars include reishi mushrooms, maca root, turmeric, and ashwagandha.

In addition to their health benefits, Mantra bars mushrooms are also known for their delicious flavor combinations. Some of their most popular flavors include mantra bars euphoria, mantra bars serenity, mantra bars hero, mantra bars immortal and mantra bars nootropic. Each bar is carefully crafted to balance the flavors and create a unique taste experience for the consumer.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious trip that will give you an energy boost and satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than our mantra mushrooms chocolate bars. These mantra bars are made with all natural ingredients and are packed with protien, fiber and other essential nutrients that will keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day.

Overall, Mantra bars chocolate are a great choice for anyone who loves chocolate and wants to indulge in a healthier way. With their high-quality ingredients, unique flavor combinations, and focus on superfoods and adaptogens, they are a standout brand in the world of artisanal chocolate.

Mantra Chocolate Bars

Open your Senses: Mantra Bars

Mantra chocolate bars are not like most of the magic mushroom bars that can be found everywhere. The secret behind the mantra bars were first discovered by the mayan civilization. They believed in the spiritual powers of psychedelics and their ability to enable one achieve a higher level of enlightenment. 

Fast forward to present time and the secrets of this psychedelic plants have been handed down through generations and refined by us to achieve the perfect blend of mushroom and chocolate. Mantra bars mushrooms are quite different from most of the mushroom chocolates in market now such as the polkadot bars, one up and even wonder bars mushrooms in that our bars do not only focus on the mushroom trip but also the spiritual aspects of magic mushrooms.

Mayans with mantra bars
mantra gummies


It is time to explore new dimensions with our mantra gummies. Mantra gummies are one of the oldest and safest medicines in the world. They are the most delicious and nicest looking mushroom gummies you will ever see. 

Similarly to our mantra chocolate bars and mantra capsules, these mushroom gummies comes in different flavors. These mantra gummy flavors are:

Mantra Euphoria Gummies

Mantra Hero Gummies

Mantra Serenity Gummies

Mantra Nootropic Gummies

Just like the famous polkadot gummies, our mantra gummy flavors are pretty exceptional too. Indulge in these magical moments with some mantra gummies.

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Customers Reviews

Mantra bars greatly helped me overcome my insomnia where conventional meds failed. I have slept like a baby ever since I started using mantra bars serenity.
Melissa Andrist

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I had been suffering from chronic back pain for over 7 years now. Heard about the medical benefits of mantra and decided to give it a try. Never looked back since then. Definitely recommend.
Christopher Wright

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