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Mantra senerity gummies eases your mind and body, while elevating your overall mood. CBD isolates and Ashwagandha targets relief for anxiety, depression and insomnia. This combination will boost your memory, help you focus on the present moment and aid in the release of negative energy. Our serenity gummie is intended to facilitate mental relaxation and a socially connected life. These colorful and flavorful mantra gummies are a favorite among mushroom gummies lovers. Their unique appearance makes them stand out from other mushroom gummies. Our mantra gummies are fast rising to fame with the serenity mantra gummies being one of the most sought out mushroom gummies for the year 2023. Mantra gummies are the nicest looking mushroom gummies on planet earth. Being a mixture of magic mushroom, ashwagandha, cbd and magnessium, our mantra serenity gummies are the most delicious mushroom gummies ever. 


The mantra serenity gummie has a variety of ingredients which makes it the crowds favorite. Our serenity gummies comes in strawberry flavors with magic mushrooms and hearts being the main ingredients,

3.5g Magic/Container

0.175g Magic/Gummie

200mg Ashwagandha/Container

10mg Ashwagandha/Gummie

4mg CBD/Container

o.2mg CBD/Gummie

3g Magnessium/Container

0.15g Magnessium/Gummie


We take pride in our packaging as much as the product itself. Our serenity mantra gummie comes in an all orange container with mantra symbols written all around the lit. At the top of this container, you will find the word “SERENITY” boldly written in pink and “RASPBERRY” which is the serenity flavor, written in white. Each of these containers contains 20 euphoria gummies. Also, on each container you will find the product descriptions such as the Quantity and Type of ingredients used and Dosing Guide.


If you are a fan of microdosing, then it is time to explore new dimensions with our euphoria mantra gummies. Our serenity gummies are a whole lot of magic. Coupled with an extra boost of ashwagandha, cbd, magnessium and lots of magic and the raspberry flavor, our mushroom gummies are the best ones around. Just like the famous mantra serenity bars, our gummies are pretty exceptional too. Indulge in these magical moments with some mantra gummies.



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